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Video — Wage Theft : The Crime Wave No One Talks About

DiTommaso Lubin Austermuehle is a Chicago wage and hour class action law firm that concentrates in statewide or nationwide class action or collective action lawsuits and has successfully prosecuted disputes all over the country including unpaid wage claims. Our Chicago, Rockford and Aurora overtime lawyers are intimately familiar with the factual and legal issues in large-scale wage claim litigation. We are adept at processing the large amounts of information common to class-actions and using our persuasive skills to get our clients the wages they rightfully earned. While DiTommaso Lubin Austermuehle is based in Chicago and Oak Brook, our unpaid wage attorneys represent clients throughout the country who have not been paid for the overtime hours that they worked or wages that they have earned. If you believe that you are owed overtime wages, contact one of our Chicago wage and hour attorneys by phone at 1 (877) 990-4990, or through our online form.