New Class Action Alleges CenturyLink Has Been Defrauding Customers For Years — Top Chicago Class Action Lawyers

Our credit rating is too important to take any chances on it. All it takes is one bad report to lower your rating, which can then inhibit your ability to obtain a loan and make any large purchases you might need, such as a home or automobile. Unfortunately, such a situation can open opportunities for companies to practically hold consumers’ credit ratings hostage until they pay their bill – even an undated bill to which the customer was never alerted.

That’s what Mandi H. alleges happened after she canceled her account with CenturyLink at the end of 2015 as a result of poor service. At the time, her account showed Century Link owed her $26 and she did not receive any other bills or communication from CenturyLink.

It wasn’t until a few months later that Mandi H.’s credit-reporting services alerted her to the fact that there was a negative report on her credit history from a company called “CenturyTel.” Hanifen did not recognize the name, but she investigated and found it was an older name for CenturyLink. When she confronted CenturyLink, Hanifen alleges they showed her a bill for $127 – the bill contained no date and Mandi H. alleges she had never seen the bill before that time. Nevertheless, CenturyLink allegedly refused remove their negative credit report on her history and continues to demand she pay a bill she insists she never received.

Rather than pay the bill, Mandi H. has opted to sue CenturyLink. She is the lead representative for a proposed class action consumer lawsuit that was recently filed against CenturyLink in Boise, Idaho. The complaint alleges there could be as many as 5 million potential class members, with damages totaling between $600 million and $12 billion.

This is far from the only legal dispute currently facing CenturyLink. Similar consumer class action lawsuits have been filed in California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. They are also facing a whistleblower lawsuit from Heidi H., a former employee who was allegedly fired after she brought to her supervisors’ attention her concern that some of the billing and sales techniques she had observed at the company did not look to be legal.

Firing an employee for bringing forth concerns about illegal activity is prohibited under the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989. Although it’s not proof of anything, the existence of multiple lawsuits against the same company, all alleging illegal billing practices, is enough to raise suspicion in the minds of other potential consumers, not to mention jury members.

Additionally, these lawsuits come at a particularly bad time for CenturyLink, which is currently in the midst of a merger with Level 3 Communications, Inc. – a merger that has been valued at $34 billion. Even the high end of the estimated damages in the consumer lawsuit doesn’t reach that high, but if successful, the class action lawsuits against CenturyLink could potentially put a significant dent in the company’s valuation. Level 3 Communications might also be affected as a result of getting into bed with another company that has allegedly been defrauding its customers for years.

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