A New Article in the Illinois Bar Journal: “Officers and Directors Can Require Their Corporation to Pay Their Legal Fees”


A new article in the Illinois Bar Journal explains officers and directors rights to the corporation paying for their legal fees and costs when they face litigation for corporate related activities.

The article focuses on corporations’ contractual obligations to advance litigation expenses to its directors and officers–even where the corporation has sued the director or officer. As explained in the article, most states allow companies to provide their officers and directors a right to advancement of litigation expenses in suits filed by reason of their corporate poistion.

The article states:

Officers or directors of corporations who wind up defending themselves in litigation or corporate investigations are sometimes unaware of a valuable perk – the corporation’s obligation, either through indemnification agreements or bylaws, to advance litigation expenses to key employees. Even eligible employees (as defined by the contract) who recall that they are covered by an advancement provision may not fully appreciate how broad that right can be.

To read the full article click here.

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