ARDC Hearing Board Recommends 2 year Suspension for Attorney Joel Brodsky

The ARDC Hearing Board recommended a two-year suspension for attorney Joel Brodsky due in large part to a case where his own attorney Joe “the Shark” Lopez admitted that Brodsky engaged in “Rambo” tactics. The Hearing Board found based on clear and convincing evidence that Brodsky harrassed opposing counsel and the Plaintiff’s expert witness with baseless claims.  It held:

We find the Administrator proved a violation of Rule 3.1 by clear and convincing evidence. Moreover, we concur with the district court’s view of Respondent’s actions as “wildly inappropriate” and the Seventh Circuit’s opinion that his conduct was “beyond the pale.”

As to Brodsky’s failure to provide any meaningful apology or show true remorse the Hearing Board had this to say:

His remorse struck us as being more obligatory than heartfelt, however, and his acknowledgements are offset by his failure to recognize other wrongdoing …
The evidence was replete with examples of Respondent’s aggressive tactics and relentless vindictiveness. That mindset, combined with his demonstrated pattern of behavior, his failure to recognize the wrongfulness of much of his misconduct and his lack of sincere remorse, leaves us skeptical that he will change his tactics.

You can read the full Report of the Hearing Board here. Brodsky can only return to the practice of law following two years and proving he is fit to practice in a reinstatement hearing.

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