AT&T Case Heard By Supreme Court and Most Media Outlets Predict Consumer Victory Based on State’s Rights Principles


Slate published an excellent article handicapping that the Supreme Court in the AT&T case will vote in favor of consumer class actions continuing. The article explains in in plain English what is at stake in the case and the arcane legal issues on which the decision will turn. You can view the entire article by clicking here. This article like most of those written by the major newspapers, media outlets and blogs, such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ADR Blog, predicts a consumer victory based on deference to state’s rights and California’s right to invalidate an unconscionable class action ban in an arbitration agreement.

The Slate article states:

In plain English, the Supreme Court needs to decide whether Corporate America can make ordinary slobs like us, who sign take-it-or-leave-it contracts, give up our right to file class-action suits. And in case you’re wondering why class-action suits matter to us ordinary slobs, consider this: Not a lot of lawyers are willing to take on AT&T for $30.32. Sometimes the only way to police misconduct—particularly small differentials in pay (based on, say, race or gender) or itsy bitsy fraudulent representations—is by pooling litigants together and suing together as a class.

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