Best Websites on the Internet for Class Action and Consumer Law Issues — The National Consumer Law Center Unveils its New Website

The National Consumer Law Center has improved what already was one of the best websites on the internet for consumer law and class-action issues with a brand new website. NCLC encourages

you to take a look around the website and discover all it has to offer. In a time of historic changes in consumer financial regulation, it contains a treasure trove of cutting-edge information and resources for lawyers, consumer advocates, policymakers, and the public.

The website describes state consumer protection and fraud laws:

Every state has a consumer protection law that prohibits deceptive practices, and many prohibit unfair or unconscionable practices as well. These statutes, commonly known as Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices or UDAP statutes, provide bedrock protections for consumers. In billions of transactions annually, UDAP statutes provide the main protection to consumers against predators and unscrupulous businesses.

You can view NCLC’s new website here.

The website has this to say about illegal debt collection:

Nearly all households who are behind on their bills paid their bills until they faced a financial catastrophe: unemployment, illness, disability, divorce, or succumbed to some of the daily exhortations in their mailbox to borrow and on TV to buy on credit. During recessions even more consumers fall behind because they are laid off by an employer. Recognizing this, federal and many states’ laws require that financially distressed consumers not be abused, deceived, lose their privacy, or be treated unfairly.
Debt collectors use various forms of illegal intimidation, including talking with friends and employers about a consumer’s debt without permission from the debtor; making harassing or abusive telephone calls; threatening to take actions that are illegal or not intended; and suing on debts that were paid or not owed. Fortunately there are more lawyers focusing on helping consumers with debt collection harassment than ever before.

You can view the illegal debt collection page here. It has links to alot of useful information on illegal debt collection laws.

The website discusses lemon law and auto fraud issues:

A car is often essential for working families. The family car can be the key to a better job or any job at all, access to health care, and the ability to find affordable housing with access to child care and a reasonable commute. All too often abuses in the sale and financing of cars hinder the efforts of families to buy and keep a safe, reliable car at reasonable terms. Families are maneuvered into buying cars with defects known by the dealer but not disclosed to the consumer. Financing arranged by the dealer is designed not to help the consumer get the best deal, but instead to line the dealer’s pockets through unfair practices such as loan packing and dealer mark-ups. High pressure sales tactics, fraud, and abusive practices such as yo-yo sales, are used to put families in cars and loans that trap families with negative equity, high payments, and unreliable cars.

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