Chicago Tribune Reports That Illinois is Set to Enact a New Wage Theft Prevention Statute — Our Chicago Overtime and Wage Claim Lawyers File Civil Suits to Fight Wage Theft


The Chicago Tribune Reports that Illinois is set to institute long needed additional legistlation to protect employees from wage theft. You can view the article here. The article discusses that wage theft has become a widespread problem that needs to be remedied. It states:

Ismael and Efren Sanchez, both bricklayers, said their boss did not pay them for three months. When the father and son asked for their salaries, the employer claimed to have the same problem.

I don’t have the money.

Not believing it, the Sanchezes complained to the Illinois Department of Labor, saying they were owed nearly $13,000. Even though the state ruled in their favor, they have waited months for relief, and their home in south suburban Markham went into foreclosure in March.

Labor activists call such cases “wage theft.” Concerned that it threatens the most vulnerable of workers, they are trying to revamp the state’s oversight by adding teeth to its enforcement of labor laws, including felony violations for employers who are repeat offenders. …

The new legislation would put enforceability into the Labor Department’s rulings. The bill also would make an employer’s second offense a felony and make it easier for workers to file civil lawsuits for owed wages.

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