Cicero Settles Another Sex Harassment Case Against the Town President — Our Chicago Employment Attorneys Represent Employers and Employees in Employment and Overtime Suits

Cicero Town President Larry Dominick claims he knows how to avoid sex harassment: “You’re not supposed to touch ‘em, talk dirty, all kinds of stuff like that.”
However, Cicero has agreed to pay very large settlement of $675,000 to settle a sexual harassment case against Dominick. This is not the first such settlement.

Dominick allegedly requested that a former cop and another woman engage in a threesome. Dominick denies he ever harassed the former cop.

In his deposition in the case, Dominick says learned how to avoid harassing women employees: “You’re not supposed to touch ‘em, talk dirty, all kinds of stuff like that, you know, general things that most people should understand.”
In her lawsuit, the former cop, Lujano says Dominick “on a constant basis” made sexually explicit comments, including calling Lujano’s breasts “gazangas.” She claims Dominick reached out and touched her breasts.

She also claims Dominick whispered in her ear that “he wanted to have a threesome with her and another woman.” She alleges he offered to take her to the sexy getaway “Sybaris and, if not her, then her mother … because he liked her mother too.”
This is not the only time Cicero has had to pay up for alleged sex harassment by Dominick.

In 2011, Cicero paid the former head of the town animal shelter $500,000.

In that case, Sharon Starzyk claimed that Dominick groped her. She claimed on one occasion, when she and Dominick were in a car together, he allegedly passed gas and then groped her. Starzyk also alleged that Dominick sent her emails requesting a threesome with two of Dominick’s friends.

You can view part of Dominick’s deposition below.

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