Consumers May Be Entitled To Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Refunds Due to Alleged Health Insurance Fraud

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo entered into a 50 million dollar settlement with health insurance carriers for alleged deceptive setting of “usual, customary and reasonable and rates” for out of net work health care providers through use of a conflicted rating agency owned by an insurance company. A news story on the settlement is below:

Our private law firm is investigating alleged deceptive use by health insurance companies of bogus low ball out of net work rates to avoid paying for needed health care and is considering filing consumer fraud class actions on behalf of victims of this practice.

Class action lawsuits our firm has been involved in or spear-headed have led to substantial awards totalling over a million dollars to organizations including the National Association of Consumer Advocates, the National Consumer Law Center, and local law school consumer programs. Lubin Austermuehle is proud of our achievements in assisting national and local consumer rights organizations obtain the funds needed to ensure that consumers are protected and informed of their rights. By standing up to consumer fraud and consumer rip-offs, and in the right case filing consumer protection lawsuits and class-actions you too can help ensure that other consumers’ rights are protected from corporate misdeeds.

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