Mars Petcare Faces Class Action Lawsuit Filed by Its Factory Workers



Mars Petcare defends itself after some former workers in Southeast Kansas file a class action lawsuit. Mars Petcare makes Pedigree and other pet foods sold at many major retailers.

A former employee at one of Mars Petcare’s manufacturing facilities in Galena, Kansas doesn’t want his identity released.

“Retaliation from the company,” says the former worker. “It’s huge. It’s going to be the biggest thing to hit this area. It’s going to be a corporate killer.”

Court documents filed in Jasper County, Missouri claim the pet food company should have known about the danger condition of phosphine gas levels, but failed to warn of that condition or remove it.

“It causes respiratory and intestinal damage,” says the former worker. “We don’t know how much. We know there was stuff coming in that was fumigated and was not listed as being fumigated that went straight into making pet food.”

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