New Studies Find Class-Actions Benefit Consumers

Many people believe that decisions made in courtrooms have little to do with anyone other than the people directly involved in the lawsuits, but that is not the case. When courts make a ruling, they have to consider not only the circumstances of the case before them, but how their ruling will affect other people in similar situations across the country.

One example of people misunderstanding the far-reaching implications of court decisions is right-wingers claiming that class action lawsuits are “frivolous” because they only benefit the attorneys representing the plaintiffs. People might assume this because the plaintiffs’ attorneys often take large cuts settlements and awards from class action lawsuits, while each individual plaintiff’s award is relatively small, but that doesn’t mean the rulings don’t benefit the plaintiffs or others. Just because a plaintiff suffers damage less than the cost of bringing a lawsuit, does not mean that their loss is insubstantial. For many people, a few hundred dollars could mean months of savings. Not to mention the numerous injunctions that come out of class actions, preventing future harm coming to any workers or consumers.

The Center for Justice & Democracy recently released a report in which it noted that “class actions have not only helped victims of corporate law-breaking, but have also resulted in injunctive relief that protects us all from a wide array of corporate wrongdoing, from employment and civil rights violations to price-fixing and consumer fraud to automotive defects to healthcare abuses.” The report analyzed hundreds of class action lawsuits and settlements and found that nearly all of them resulted in substantial relief to the plaintiffs.

The CJ&D also pointed out that the lawsuits are sometimes more about accountability than relief. No one likes to see a bully get away with bullying, so there’s no reason to assume that injunctive relief is not satisfying. As the report noted, “without the class action tool, corporations and businesses can ignore the law far more easily and operate with impunity.”

The Rand Corporation came out with another report that challenged the right-wingers’ assertions that class action lawsuits result in higher costs in the industry. According to the report, “many people believe that fear of malpractice lawsuits drives physicians to order otherwise unnecessary care and that legal reforms could reduce such wasteful spending.” On the contrary, the court found that states that have enacted such reforms have not found a corresponding drop in healthcare costs. Instead, some states, such as Texas, have actually seen a rise in healthcare costs after making such reforms. 

The American Prospect wrote about the issue, stating that, “in Texas, they passed a constitutional amendment in 2003 that made it almost impossible to recover meaningful damages from medical malpractice. That was good for doctors – the number of malpractice claims plummeted, and malpractice premiums went down – but instead of falling, healthcare costs in the state actually rose faster than in the rest of the country.”

Conservatives may have their reasons for disliking class action lawsuits, but the results of these two reports suggest that at least two of the main arguments against class actions are baseless.

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