New York Times Reports That Nation’s Second Largest For Profit University is the Target of a Whistle Blower Suit for Allegedly Defrauding Government into Funding Student Loans

Questions Follow Leader of For-Profit Colleges
Published: May 26, 2011
A whistle-blower case charges that an education company encouraged aggressive recruitment of unqualified students for their federal student aid.


Our law firm is pursuing class actions and putative class actions against for profit vocational schools in the Chicago area. We have interviewed many students of for profit universities, colleges and vocational schools who believe that various for profit colleges and Universities have cheated them along with the government in getting the students to borrow money with government backed loans for essentially a worthless education.. We have been looking into whistle blower allegations similar to those reported in a recent New York Times article and are interested in speaking to employee/whistle blowers at for profit colleges, universities and vocational schools who know about similar frauds to that reported by the New York Times engaged in by other for profit colleges, universities and vocational schools.

The New York Times reports:

[T]he Justice Department and two state attorneys general are intervening in a whistle-blower lawsuit charging that EDMC also violated the ban on what is known as incentive compensation. That practice encourages aggressive recruitment of unqualified students for their federal student aid.

Given the cast of characters — … a half dozen former Phoenix executives are now at EDMC — the complaint against EDMC says that “senior management knows that the compensation system it administers violates the incentive compensation ban.”
This is the first time that prosecutors have joined a suit like the EDMC whistle-blower case, and the government’s unprecedented intervention in such a compensation case comes amid escalating controversy over for-profit colleges. Enrolling about 12 percent of the nation’s higher-education students, the colleges get a quarter of all federal student aid and account for nearly half of all student loan defaults. Last Friday, the Department of Education released new data showing that more than 15 percent of those who had attended for-profit colleges defaulted within two years — twice the rate of those who attended public institutions, and three times as many as those who went to private not-for-profit colleges.

You can view the full New York Times article by clicking here.

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