NPR Reports Caddies File Class Action Lawsuit Against PGA Tour For Unpaid Advertising Display on Bibs

Caddies sue for Unpaid Compensation for Advertising on Bibs reports NPR.

More than 100 caddies filed legal action against the Professional Golfers Association for $50 million in advertising revenue. Renee Montagne talks to Rex Hoggard, a senior writer at the Golf Channel.

NPR reported as follows:

There is a rebellion of sorts underway on top golf courses around the country. Caddies who work for professional golfers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Professional Golfers Association, or, that is, the PGA Tour.

The formation of a Caddie Association was the precursor of the suit.  Caddies are seeking recognition for the hard work that they perform and to their entitlement to fair for what they do.

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