Online Fraud Magazine is a Great Resource for Tips on How to Uncover Business Fraud — Lubin Austermuehle’s Chicago Business Law Lawyers Work With Certified Fraud Examiners to Help Businesses, Partners and Shareholders to Recover Monies Lost Through Frauds


The online magazine of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is a great resouce for tips on uncovering the varying forms of business fraud. You can click here to view it.

A recent issue of the magazine had a very informative article about how certain types of documents are susceptible to employee forgies and other frauds . The article had this to say about fax invoices:

Facsimile documents, even though they’re reproductions of original documents, are considered original source documents. So fraud perpetrators often use them to support fictitious disbursement transactions because internal reviewers or even external auditors aren’t likely to question them. Faxes obviously still have a legitimate purpose for emergency or other rush transactions. However, the organization should always require that vendors subsequently mail the original source documents to them. The staff should hold the faxes until the original source documents have been received and then file them with any other documents supporting the disbursement transaction.

Unscrupulous employees might use the organization’s fax machine to send themselves vendor invoices. So always double check the vendor’s fax telephone number shown on the top of the facsimile with numbers in the organization’s vendor file, in the telephone book, or from the vendor’s website. And be suspicious if the number is missing; fraud perpetrators might have removed it from the faxed document before processing it. A fax in the file doesn’t necessarily mean the transaction is valid.

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