Class Action Lawsuit Over Johns Hopkins Gynecologist Moves Forward



CBS News reports:

In a stunning new development, WJZ learns there may be as many as 9,000 victims of a Johns Hopkins gynecologist.

Dr. Nikita Levy killed himself after allegations surfaced that he secretly videotaped his patients during exams.

Mike Hellgren tells us what else his victims claim he did to them.

They say he performed extra exams and touched them inappropriately. Now — a class action settlement process is moving forward in the case, with the lawyers representing the victims praising Johns Hopkins.

Investigators say gynecologist Nikita Levy used a pen camera to record exams at Johns Hopkins’ East Baltimore Medical Center. The FBI is still sifting through thousands of images on Levy’s computer.

There may be 9,000 victims, and their lawyers are now working to settle the class action case through a mediator.

Class actions sometime provide an excellent device to help victims receive treatment for mass traumas such as occurred here. More often individualized injuries from mass torts can be organized into groups of cases for discovery and then bell weather cases can be tried to set a settlement value for the remaining cases. Treating this type of case as a class action is somewhat unusual.

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