Retraction Regarding a Misunderstanding as to Blog Post on Janowiak v. Tiesi

Our Blog contained a post regarding the Illinois Appellate case Janowiak v. Tiesi. The post described the allegations in the pleadings recited in the Appellate Court opinion. Our blog writer at Justía did not intend and the post did not describe the facts of that case as anything other than allegations. However, we received a letter from counsel for the Janowiak parties stating that they believe the post states that the allegations are presented as facts. We have therefore deleted that post from the blog. Per the request of the Janowiak parties, we state that the allegations in that case are allegations not facts as stated in the Appellate Court opinion and as the blog post previously stated. To the extent the blog post can be misinterpreted as stating that the claims in Janowiak v. Tiesi are facts, we retract those statements and apologize to the Janowiak parties for the misunderstanding. We regret this misunderstanding. Our blog writer at Justía simply intended to report allegations in a case and had no intent to report those allegations as facts.

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