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Where a blogger posted a blog post accusing photographer of attempting to engage in child pornography and sexual assault, the trial court did not commit an error in concluding that blogger had failed to demonstrate that her blog post constituted protected opinion.

Ronald Ladao filed suit against Lauren Faits, alleging libel and false light. Ladao alleged that in 2016, Faits published several false and defamatory statements about him in a post on her blog, “Geek Girl Chicago.” The statements were contained in a blog post that stated that, in 2003, Faits, then a minor, attended an anime cosplay convention in Chicago. Faits then stated that she and a group of cosplayers went to a hotel room to change out of their costumes, and that they were followed by a photographer, who broke through the locked hotel room door and attempted to get nude photos and/or videos of underage cosplayers, and that the photographer’s name was Ron “Soulcrash” Ladao.

Faits then stated that after she threatened to call the police, Ladao left the room, calling her a rude name on his way out. Faits described the incident as a sexual assault. Ladao alleged that Faits statements that he rushed into a hotel room in an effort to obtain nude photographs of underage girls, and that he committed sexual assault, were libel per se because they accused him of conduct that was damaging to his reputation as a professional photographer and because they accused him of criminal conduct. Ladao alleged that as a result of the blog post he suffered harm to his reputation and career, humiliation, and emotional distress. Continue reading ›

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