Chicago Tribune Settles Class Action Alleging Subscribers Overcharged


Once a subscriber gives a company their credit/debit card or bank information to charge subscription fees, some companies will take advantage of that to raise their fees without notifying their subscribers. Such is allegedly the case with the Chicago Tribune.
Cheryl Naedler and Theodore Raab, two Tribune subscribers, filed a class-action lawsuit against the company in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The lawsuit alleges that the Chicago Tribune breached its contract with subscribers and violated the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act by charging an inflated subscription fee, without warning subscribers at least 30 days in advance of the change.

According to the class counsel, what the Chicago Tribune should have done, “is send notice at least one billing cycle in advance saying we’re going to increase it … if you agree to pay. And they didn’t do it.”

Our Chicago class action lawyers note that the Chicago Tribune recently began mailing out a proposed offer to settle the lawsuit. Although the company denies the allegations, it said that it reached the settlement to, “avoid the cost, risk, and delay of litigation and uncertainty of trial” according to the notice.

If the court approves the settlement, about 41,000 subscribers will receive $6.50 each as part of the settlement. Naedler and Raab, as the class representatives, will receive $2,000 each.

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