UCLA Health’s Data Breach Allegedly Impacts Millions

These days, the average person shares a lot of personal information with a variety of different institutions, but none is more sensitive than the companies that provide us with healthcare. Not only do those companies have access to our financial information (such as credit and debit card numbers), they also commonly have our social security numbers, which cannot be frozen or changed. This is in addition to having our email addresses, home mailing addresses, and various other sensitive information.

Given the level of trust we place in these companies, it’s reasonable to assume they’re doing everything in their power to protect our personal information, but a recent lawsuit against UCLA Health alleges the healthcare provider failed to take basic precautions, such as encrypting customers’ data.

UCLA Health was subject to a data breach in July of this year that allegedly affected up to 4.5 million of the healthcare company’s clients. Most companies encrypt their customers’ personal information so they’re not exposed in the event of a data breach, but UCLA Health’s failure to do so has many of its customers outraged.

UCLA announced that there was no evidence that any data had actually been taken after the data breach, but it could not say for sure and the investigation into the issue continues. So far, all that has been reported is that UCLA Health detected “unusual activity” on one of its servers last October and brought in the FBI to help investigate. And yet the hack wasn’t discovered until May of this year.

Dr. Deborah Peel, the founder of Patient Privacy Rights in Austin, TX, has said data breaches like these will continue to happen because the healthcare industry has built systems with thousands of weak links through which hackers can access almost all their information.

UCLA Health is currently facing a class action lawsuit from the millions of customers whose information was compromised as a result of the data breach. Encrypting customers’ information should be standard practice by now and the company’s failure to do so represents a case of gross negligence, according to the class action lawsuit.

UCLA has apologized, saying it takes the attack “extremely seriously” and that they “deeply regret” that it happened. Such words are of little consolation to those who have to suffer the consequences of having their information compromised.

Credit card companies offer fraud protection (for an extra fee), but Social Security numbers cannot be changed and having that number compromised can have long-lasting consequences. Home mailing addresses and email addresses are also extremely difficult to change, often requiring those seriously affected to completely uproot their lives.

Unfortunately, this is just one of a slew of data breaches, (including one at Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) and its subsidiary, NoMoreClipboard), in which millions of customers of all sorts of companies find themselves subject to identity theft as their personal and financial information is compromised. As a result, the Attorney General for the State of Indiana urged every single resident of the state to completely freeze their credit.

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