NY AG Files $40M Lawsuit Against Trump University


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NY Attorney General sues Trump University for alleged consumer fraud. Our Chicago consumer fraud and class action lawyers have successfully pursued class actions against trade schools in Illinois that have misrepresented the percentage of graduates who have obtained jobs in the field or omitted to disclose that very few graduates obtain jobs in the field. Illinois requires trade schools to disclose the percentage of graduates who obtain jobs in the field.

Our law firm is pursuing class actions and putative class actions against for profit vocational schools in the Chicago area. We have interviewed many students of for profit universities, colleges and vocational schools who believe that various for profit colleges and Universities have cheated them along with the government in getting the students to borrow money with government backed loans for essentially a worthless education.

Our Chicago consumer rights attorneys are pursuing and investigating class-action lawsuits against for profit trade schools that have allegedly duped students into taking classes even though there is little or no prospect of the students obtaining work in the field after taking the course. We have obtained class certification in one such case and seeking to file other cases under the correct factual circumstances.

If you have been duped into paying a subtantial sum to a for profit trade school only to find that it is impossible to find a job in the field, please contact one of our Chicago consumer rights lawyers online by clicking here. Lubin Austermuehle’s Chicago consumer class action attorneys have been handling consumer rights and class action cases for over a quarter century. You can view the the types of cases we have handled at our website.

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