Illinois Department of Labor Maintains an Excellent Website Providing Information on Federal and Illinois Overtime Laws — Chicago Unpaid Overtime Lawyers and Attorneys Who Can Protect Your Wage Claim Rights to Unpaid Overtime


The Illinois Department of Labor has a great website which provides alot of useful information on fair labor laws including the requirement that employers pay time and half for overtime work for non-exempt employees.

You can find the website here. With regard to federal and Illinois overtime laws, the website provides answers to various questions and links to other areas of the site for answers:

When is overtime pay legally due?

You are entitled to pay at time and one half your regular rate of pay if you worked over 40 hours in a workweek. You will need to ask your employer for their definition of a workweek. For more information, click here. 820 ILCS 105/4a (1) and 56 Ill. Adm. Code 210.400.

Does my employer have to pay me time and one half or double time for working a legal holiday or a Sunday?

No. If working the legal holiday or Sunday puts you over 40 hours in a workweek, then your employer must pay you at time and one half of your regular rate of pay for those hours over 40. However, if your employer’s policy allows for payment of time and one half or double time, then the employer must honor the agreement. For more information, click here. 820 ILCS 105/4a (1).

Who is exempt from being paid overtime?

The following employees are exempt from overtime pay:

Salesmen and mechanics involved in selling or servicing cars, trucks or farm implements at dealerships,
agricultural labor,
government employees,
executive, administrative or professional employees as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act,
certain employees involved in radio/television in a city with a population under 100,000,
commissioned employees defined by Section 7(i) of the Fair Labor Standards Act,
employees who exchange hours pursuant to a workplace exchange agreement,
employees of certain educational or residential child care institutions.
For further information, click here. 820 ILCS 105/4a (2).

How do I know if I qualify as an executive, administrative or professional employee?

The law provides that two tests must be fully met to determine if you are an executive, administrative or professional employee. First, as a general rule, you must be a salaried employee. For definition of salary, see question below. Second, the primary duties you perform must also be exempt. To determine if your primary duties meet the criteria outlined for the executive, administrative or professional employee, click here.

If I am paid on salary do I still qualify for overtime pay?

Possibly. You are paid a salary if you regularly receive each pay period on a weekly, or less frequent basis, a predetermined amount constituting all or part of your compensation, which amount is not subject to reduction because of variations in the quality or quantity of the work performed. However, an employee being paid on a salary basis is not automatically exempt from receiving overtime pay. The primary duties you perform must also be exempt to disqualify you from overtime pay. For more information, click here.

Can I be required to work overtime?

Yes, unless such work would violate the One Day Rest in Seven Act. For more information on this Act, click here. 820 ILCS 140/2.

Is “comp time” legal?

No. Compensatory time off in place of payment for overtime is not legal in the private sector.

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