Lubin Austermuehle Continues its Partnership as One of Viriant’s Preeminent Law Firms as Part of a Nationwide Network to Stop Cyber Smears and Anoymous Postings Attacking Businesses and Professionals — Chicago Reputation Defenders and Internet Defamation Lawyers

Lubin Austermuehle and Viriant’s Combined Efforts Help Remove Defamatory Internet Posts

Lubin Austermuehle is among a handful of leading lawyers from across the country picked as a member of Viriant’s nationwide network to protect companies, doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals from defamation on the cyber smears and internet defamation. We are excited to announce the continuation of our longtime partnership with Viriant.

Lubin Austermuehle has over thirty years of experience representing large and small businesses, and professionals such as lawyers in doctors in protecting their businesses from harmful online defamation and cyber smear attacks. We recently obtained a full retraction and apology for our large diamond wholesale client who was exposed to a sustained and targeted internet smear campaign.  We filed libel per se suit against the perpetrator for $16 million and demanded the retraction and apology as a settlement term.  You learn more about that suit here.

Now, through our unique relationship with Viriant, we have a new tool for representing businesses harmed by false or deceptive online posts. We can now identify the individuals who post comments or reviews anonymously online which can potentially save our clients’ resources and increase the likelihood of monetary recovery.

False Anonymous Online Posts and Reviews Harm the Reputation of Your Professional Practice or Company

The internet provides its users with the benefit of anonymity. However, some dishonest competitors or disgruntled customers take advantage of this anonymity to harm your business or professional practice with false and defamatory online comments or reviews. These online attackers often fabricate false reviews with made up facts to harm your business. Sometimes, the anonymous poster is not a disgruntled consumer of your services but a competitor out to destroy your business hoping to harm your reputation and decrease your sales.

Common tactics competitors employ to hurt businesses or professionals include claiming falsely to be former clients, patients or customers in order to post harmful Yelp reviews; writing fabricated blog posts attributing to your product or services negative facts that are untrue; or creating a websites which promote fake reviews of your product or which disparage your product comparing it unfavorably with your competitor’s product. These tactics are not only morally wrong they are often illegal. These types of anonymous reviews and fake rating websites can cause serious damage to a business through lost sales and customers. Vendors or investors to might refuse to do business with your company as a result of internet defamation and cybersmears.

With the Help of Variant It is now Possible to Discover Anonymous Reviewers who Engage in Cyber Smears

Competitors secretly attacking your business can no longer conceal themselves through the anonymity of the internet with fake, negative reviews and posts. Our Chicago lawyers concentrate on prosecuting internet defamation and cyber smear attacks. We have joined forces with Viriant, a leading internet forensic investigation company, to assist businesses to repair and protect their online goodwill and business reputation from defamatory internet attacks. Viriant’s patented forensic methods enable it to discover your attackers. Viriant has helped businesses ranging from large corporations to closely held small family enterprises and professionals identify the perpetrators and end online cyber smear campaigns. Lubin Austermuehle’s lawyers have over 35 years of experience protecting our clients from defamatory attacks.  With teh continuation of our unique joint venture with Viriant, we continue to have the ability to identify persons attacking your business and then to pursue lawsuits to put an end to the internet defamation.

Challenging these fake reviews one at a time with Yelp, Google, etc. can take up a lot of time and have achieve no success. Every hour wasted on fighting to remove cyber smears and false online posts are time away from your business and professional practice that slows your growth. We can help. Viriant can discover the identities of these anonymous people attacking your business. Our Chicago defamation and slander attorneys can then come into the picture to represent your business to put an end to the attack on your business.  We have handled many commercial disparagement, tortious interference with business customer relations and trade libel claims for our clients. We will also seek to recover punitive damages for the substantial harm yoru business or professional practice has suffered at the hands on these anonymous posters. Our attorneys in Chicago and Oak Brook represent businesses throughout the Chicagoland area including in Cook, Kane Lake and DuPage counties. To set up a meeting with our lawyers you can contact us online, or call us toll-free at 630-333-0333, or locally at (630) 333-0333.

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