NPR Reports: “Thinly Veiled: Lawsuit Over Steamy Rihanna Video Sparks Debate On Copycat Culture”

Rihanna – S&M by jimihubabua

NPR reports on a very interesting recently filed law suit regarding allegations that the pop singer Rhianna’s latest video crosses the line an plagiarizes the photo images of David LaChapelle and thus violates copyright law. The story states:

Fashion photographer David LaChapelle is known for staging photo shoots with lots of bright colors, outrageous costumes, and sexy, surreal images. …

When compared side-by-side, the video does bear striking similarities to the photos LaChapelle claims were plagiarized. In once scene, Rihanna lies semi-nude on a table, surrounded by reporters in clown wigs. The corresponding LaChapelle photo depicts a woman lying in a hospital bed, also half-naked and also surrounded by clowns in business attire.

In his complaint against Rihanna, LaChapelle alleges, “Defendants are wrongly implying to the public that plaintiff was involved in the creation of the Music Video or that plaintiff has endorsed, approved or otherwise consented to its creation.”

You can read or listen to the entire story by clicking here.

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