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In Illinois, the pleading requirements for consumer fraud and common law fraud differ in several key aspects:

  1. Common Law Fraud: To establish a case for common law fraud, you must demonstrate five elements:
    • A false statement of material fact made by the defendant to the plaintiff.
    • The defendant knew the statement was false.
    • The statement was made with the intent that the plaintiff would rely on it.
    • The plaintiff did rely on the statement.
    • The plaintiff suffered damage due to this reliance.
  2. Consumer Fraud: Under the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, the requirements are slightly different and only four elements are needed:
    • A deceptive act or unfair practice (involving a public policy violation) by the defendant.
    • The defendant intended for the plaintiff to rely on the deception.
    • The deception or unfair practice occurred in the course of trade or commerce.
    • The plaintiff suffered actual damage as a result of the defendant’s violation of the act.

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