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Despite the strides we’ve made towards gender equality, men’s careers are still typically seen as more valuable than women’s careers, not only in the form of higher salaries but also in the form of prioritizing men’s careers over women’s safety. This is true in almost every industry, but especially in college sports. Because college sports teams regularly bring in millions of dollars for their schools, colleges and universities often go to great lengths to protect their athletes and their athletic programs – even when it means sacrificing the educations and careers of female students.

Title IX is a federal law that was enacted to put a stop to these kinds of dangerous and discriminatory practices so women could feel safe on campus, and yet many women still struggle to access their rights under this federal protection. While many colleges all over the country have been accused of denying female students their rights under Title IX, Michigan State University is the latest to face a lawsuit alleging it denied rights guaranteed under Title IX to female students by actively discouraging them from reporting sexual harassment and assault conducted by members of the school’s athletic program. Continue reading ›

While many have been cheering the fact that more and more women are coming out of the shadows to talk about the ways in which they were sexually harassed and abused, the current administration is still trying to silence those same women who have had to suffer through the shame and humiliation of having been attacked by members of the opposite gender.

Many of the advancements made under President Barack Obama’s administration are being pulled back under the current administration and many students fear Title IX protections will soon follow. With the appointment of Betsy DeVos to Education Secretary, advocates for those who have been targets of sexual harassment and assault are afraid that much of the steps forward that have been made regarding Title IX in recent years is about to be undone.

New Title IX rules created by DeVos are expected to be announced any day now, and considering DeVos’s recent comments defending those who believe they have been wrongly accused of sexual assault, many people are worried the new rule will work to protect them, rather than those on whom they prey. Continue reading ›

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