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It is common for public figures to put their name on various products, even when they’re seemingly unrelated to that person’s career. Just seeing a celebrity’s name, face, or logo on a product is frequently enough to tempt people into making a purchase, but that alone is not always enough.

When celebrities put their name on a product, it’s usually in their best interest to help promote that product. Seeing a celebrity’s face or name on a product is one thing, but hearing that celebrity talk about that product is another. In return for using their name and likeness and/or their promotional efforts, celebrities with their own product lines usually receive a cut of the profits from that product.

Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, partnered up with Parlux Fragrances in 2013, to create Gold Jay Z, a signature fragrance line. The product was projected to do $50 million in sales, and in return for his participation in the deal, Jay Z received $2 million in royalties and 300,000 shares in Perfumanisa, the parent company of Parlux Fragrances. Continue reading ›

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