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When a company changes its logo to just the letter, “P” it’s hard to believe a single letter of the alphabet could be trademarked, but that’s what PayPal appears to be claiming.

According to a recent trademark infringement lawsuit PayPal filed against Pandora, it’s more than just the letter. It’s also the color and style, both of which are very similar to the logo PayPal has had for the past three years.

Currently, PayPal’s logo is two blocky, overlapping Ps in sans serif, with no counter. A very dark blue P overlaps a light blue P.

Pandora’s new logo is a single, blocky, dark blue P, on the same color spectrum as PayPal’s logo. It also has the sans serif and absence of counter as PayPal’s logo. According to PayPal, the new Pandora logo goes beyond resembling PayPal’s logo and openly mimics it.

Despite the fact the two companies are working in very different industries, PayPal’s trademark infringement lawsuit is claiming that Pandora recently changed its logo in a deliberate attempt to cause confusion among consumers. Continue reading ›

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