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After CEO and Chairman of closely held company was removed by board of directors, he sued, requesting specific performance of the removal of the other members of the board. The Chancery Court dismissed several claims in the complaint for want of personal jurisdiction, and also denied the CEO’s motion for summary judgment, finding that each side of the litigation alleged disputed facts and complex legal theories not appropriate for resolution on summary judgment.

In 2016, Craig Bouchard founded Braidy Industries, Inc., a Delaware corporation with principal places of business in Kentucky and Massachusetts whose purpose is to manufacture efficient and eco-friendly aluminum alloys. Bouchard served as CEO, Chairman of the board of directors, and Secretary. The board also consisted of John Preston, Charles Price, Michael Porter, and Christopher Schuh. All members of the board were Braidy stockholders.

In 2018, Bouchard and the other directors entered into an Amended and Restated Voting Agreement. The directors and Bouchard executed the agreement in their capacity as stockholders. The board unanimously approved the agreement, and the agreement was referenced throughout the Braidy bylaws. The agreement specified that only persons who were nominated in accordance with the agreement were eligible for election as directors. The agreement also contained provisions regarding the removal of directors. Continue reading ›

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