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Anyone who has had to face allegations of defamation would probably agree that having to deal with such a lawsuit constitutes personal injury. Defendants involved in these types of lawsuits often have to pay hefty legal fees in order to defend themselves against the allegations, to say nothing of the damage the lawsuit does to the individual’s personal and professional reputations.

What many people might not be aware of is that many wealthy and middle class people have insurance policies that cover most of these legal costs. It’s common for the defendants to react with surprise when they’re told they can have their insurance company cover most of the costs of the lawsuit, but in the latest defamation lawsuits against Bill Cosby, his insurer was the one who was surprised.

Bill Cosby is currently accused of having sexually assaulted dozens of women in the course of his very long career as a comedian and entertainer. The statute of limitations has expired on the sexual assault charges, but that hasn’t stopped his alleged victims from seeking a different form of restitution.

Ten women in three different states have filed defamation lawsuits against Cosby for denying their claims of sexual abuse and allegedly trying to tarnish their reputations after they came forward with their accusations. Continue reading ›

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