The Times Herald Record Reports: “Orange County Man Leads National Class-Action Suit Against Wristband-Maker”

Snake oil salesman have been around our country for well over a hundred years. With low cost cable and internet advertising readily available the art of selling products that promise the moon but don’t deliver has reached new heights. Add some celebrity endorsements and a clever informercial and the money flows in.

Class-actions alleging that Power Balance wristbanks which are endorsed by NBA stars Shaquille O’Neal and Lamar Odom don’t turn the wearers into super star athletes and don’t provide any of the promised benefits have been filed all around the country, including a new alleged class-action suit in Orange County California according to an article in the Times Herald Record. To read the full article click here.

Our Nationwide class action lawyers have filed class-actions regarding alleged informercial scams and to recover monies consumers have lost due to false advertising. We also help consumers and workers who have been ripped off by all kinds of frauds whether they be mass frauds, failure to pay minimum wages or overtime pay or an indvidual car sale. We have resolved class action claims for hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits to the class and also work just as hard to represent individual consumers who have been ripped on in a single transaction. For instance, we just settled an indivual car fraud case for a $100,000. The victim spent all of her savings of $9,000 to purchase a used car from a major Chicago Automobile dealer. The Autodealer misrepresented that the car was in good condiction and concealed that it was in reality 3 cars welded together with 3 different VIN numbers. The dealer paid all of our attorneys fees and costs and the remainder of the money in excess of $45,000 went to the victim who didn’t have to pay any fees or costs other than the $250 fee of the expert appraiser to pursue the case.

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Lubin Austermuehle is a firm of dedicated attorneys who focus on nationwide class action lawsuits. Our firm has successfully prosecuted, consumer fraud, securities fraud, unpaid overtime, wage and hour class actions for years and we pride ourselves on getting results. Lubin Austermuehle serves many clients in Chicago, Wheaton, and Waukegan but also represents clients across the nation who have not been paid for the overtime hours that they worked. If you believe that you are owed overtime wages, contact one of our Chicago wage and hour attorneys by phone at 1 630-333-0333, or through our online form.

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