One Trump Supporters Legal Crusade Against Fox News — Chicago’s Top Sex Discrimination Lawyers

At least one Trump supporter is, not only well aware of the issues that face minorities in this country, but is actively fighting to support those minorities.

His target? Fox News.

Because Fox News has been such a strong supporter of Trump, you’d think an attorney who donated $40,000 to Trump’s campaign and voted for him in both the primary and general elections would also support Fox News, but that’s not the case for attorney Douglas Wigdor.

Wigdor started filing lawsuits against Fox News late last year after a reporter for Fox 5, Lidija Ujkic, sought him out after having heard about a case he had settled in which he had argued on behalf of a woman who claimed her pregnancy had led to her demotion at Goldman Sachs. Ujkic’s claims against Fox were similar.

Wigdor took Ujkic’s case, and a few months later, took on another, this time alleging racial bias. Eleven new plaintiffs ended up joining that case in the following month, including Kelly Wright, the only black man to work as a news anchor on the conservative news channel.

That apparently opened the floodgates, as Wigdor followed it up by suing the media giant two more times that month, three times the following month, once in July, once in August and again in September.

The August lawsuit might prove to be the biggest, focusing on fake media, rather than discrimination or assault. Rod Wheeler, a private detective, hired Wigdor to represent him in a lawsuit in which he claims a Fox reporter was conspiring with a Trump supporter to make up false quotations in an article as an attempt to minimize or dispute the controversy surrounding Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

When asked if he is at war with Fox News, Wigdor replied that he was, although the media company ridiculed that comment, as well as Wigdor himself, but Wigdor remains undeterred.

Wigdor has even continued to fight his war against Fox outside the courtroom, flying all the way to London, on his own dollar, to testify that 21st Century Fox (Fox News’s parent company) is not “fit and proper” to acquire Sky, a satellite broadcaster. When interviewed by the British media before returning to the U.S., Wigdor called the company “18th Century Fox.”

Fox News, which has already fired a number of prominent news anchors and TV hosts as a result of various harassment and discrimination scandals surrounding the company, does not appear to be frightened of Wigdor’s multiple lawsuits. In one lawsuit, after the network had fired a comptroller accused of racial hostility by several of Wigdor’s clients, the company claimed Wigdor’s lawsuit was unnecessary.

But Wigdor is not convinced by the firings that have happened at Fox News. Instead, he is convinced the problems are systemic and come from the very top of the company, where 10 of the 13 board members are white men. Wigdor further pointed out that at least two of the men who were forced out because of alleged sexual discrimination were given huge payouts totaling more than $60 million.

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