Lawsuit Alleges Apple Watch Screens Prone to Cracking, Shattering and Popping Out on Their Own — Chicago Class Action Attorneys in DuPage County


It’s common for early versions of a new technology to suffer from some kinks that still need to be worked out, but usually, developers find remedies for those problems in later versions of the technology. Unfortunately, Apple allegedly failed to find a fix for their defective Apple Watch screen, according to a recent consumer class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit, which was filed in California, is seeking $5 million in damages – enough to take the case to the federal level if a judge agrees to certify the class and the parties agree that federal court is the best venue for arguing the case.

The lawsuit alleges Apple Watch screens are prone to shattering, cracking, and popping out through no fault of the wearer. According to the complaint, Apple knew about this problem when it started selling its smartwatches (and possibly even earlier), but failed to do anything about it. The problem allegedly started with the very first Apple Watches the tech giant ever sold and has continued through Series 3, which is the latest version to be sold by the company.

Although Apple forums are full of complaints about the Apple Watch screens, Apple refuses to publicly admit the devices have a problem. The only step the company has made toward remedying the situation is to offer extended warranty plans for certain versions of the Apple Watch for screens that had popped out as a result of a battery swelling issue. Apple announced in spring of 2017 that it would begin offering these extended warranty plans.

But the consumer class action lawsuit alleges Apple’s policy was to deny the existence of the problem, blame the screen’s malfunction on the wearer causing damage to the watch by accident, and then refusing to honor the warranty. Offering an extended warranty doesn’t do consumers any good if the company refuses to honor said warranty.

The consumer class action lawsuit is claiming Apple violated both state and federal laws by continuing to sell a product it allegedly knew was defective and then refusing to do anything to fix the problem.

With the latest version of the Apple Watch selling for as much as $400 each, and the Series 1 still going for $250, it’s no wonder consumers are upset that the smartwatch for which they paid so much money isn’t living up to their expectations. The Apple brand has long been synonymous with quality, high-end products, which is why people are willing to cough up so much money for each of their new products.

But Apple doesn’t just want to be the best. In today’s extremely fast-paced world of technology, being the first to launch a new product or technology is of the utmost importance. If Apple is rushing products onto shelves before thoroughly testing them to make sure they’re free of all potential bugs, the company could end up turning away more customers than it gains. This consumer class action lawsuit, combined with another over Apple’s butterfly keyboard, are just two examples of how the company has been disappointing its customers lately.

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