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Follow these 8 tips to see if a used car you are thinking of purchasing has been damaged by water from a flood. 

Here are 8 tips to avoid purchasing a flood water damaged car.  These cars can also be brand new water damaged cars.  Be careful! Avoid having to sue for auto fraud.

  • Get a CARFAX Report, and an Auto Check report – These reports may show if the car has been in an accident, flood, fire or odometer fraud but do not fully trust them as they can sometimes be out dated and inaccurate.
  • Take the car to a body shop to have it inspected.
  • Ask to see a copy of the title, if possible.  Most dealers will not let you see this, but it can’t hurt to ask.
  • Use your sense of smell to see if  there are any musty or damp odors inside the car.
  • Has the upholstery or carpet been replaced?  Go throught the car and pull back the carpet in different spots to see if you can see any stains or water lines.
  • Look under the car for mud.  This is a very difficult area to clean.
  • Look under the car for corrosion.
  • Open all doors, including the trunk and hood to inspect for mud, dirt or corrosion.  Look at the hinges, door frame and little crevices.
  • Check all lights, warning lights, electrical components and windows to see if they are working.  This does not mean the car has been damaged in a flood, but it, along with other problems can be a concern.
  • Take a friend with you and ask if the car has ever been flooded, in an accident, involved in a fire or invloved in odometer fraud.  Make sure you ask each question separately and make sure your witness is paying attention!

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